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Moj SISBON web application

Fast and simple viewing of personal data

Moj SISBON is an online application that enables individuals to view the data held on them in the SISBON system.

The online application enables:
  • viewing of the individual’s own data free-of-charge,
  • the information on inquiries (by whom and when the individual’s data has been viewed),
  • the submission of a complaint,
  • customer report in pdf format (in return for payment; free of charge from 01.01.2020).


For accessing the Moj SISBON application an individual may need:

  • a personal computer with internet access,
  • a digital certificate issued by one of the qualified certificate issuer in Slovenia (AC NLB, Halcom CA FO, SIGEN-CA or POSTA®CA),
  • a browser (any of the widely used browsers is recommended).