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Rights of individual

Right to be informed
In accordance with the personal data protection regulations, the individual  has the right to request a customer report of his/her data, thereby viewing all personal data relating to him/her in the SISBON system, including information on who submitted the data, and by whom, when and for what purposes it has been viewed.

The individual  may issue a data request in person with any member of SISBON or with the Bank of Slovenia by completing the Individual request for SISBON customer report and submitting it in person to any SISBON member or the Bank of Slovenia. The copy   of customer report is sent to the address stated by the individual by registered mail.

Right to revise data
An individual who finds errors in his/her data being combined and exchanged via the SISBON system may issue a written request for its deletion or revision with the SISBON member that submitted the data to the system, by completing the Individual request to revise data in SISBON. The individual may also submit a written request to revise data to the Bank of Slovenia.

If the individual's request is justified, the SISBON member is required to delete, supplement or revise the data within ten business days of receiving the request, and notify the client accordingly in writing. The same deadline applies to informing the client of any reasons for the revision not being made.